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Musing on Padlocks

I’m intrigued why people add padlocks to prominent public places like these I found in Liverpool recently.

Then I looked closer than usual and realised many are personal messages and commemorations, similar to those often seen on public benches, but usually for happier events. There are even companies who’ll customise padlocks for just such an eventuality.

And then, there are some padlocks which look like faces or even miniature works of art.

I shall look more carefully in future.

Friday Bench: The Beatles

Mathew Street in Liverpool is home to The Cavern Club, the place where The Beatles shot to fame in the early 1960s. There is a Cavern Club there, but it’s not the original one and it seems to be a shadow of its former self. The whole area has a rather seedy feel to it unfortunately.

Outside The Cavern Club is this bench paying tribute to the Fab Four.

St George’s Hall

Liverpool has many magnificent buildings, many of which are Listed, making it the place with the most Listed buildings in England outside of London. This is St. George’s Hall, part of a group of buildings in the centre of Liverpool which shout ‘This a magnificent city!’

By coincidence, Anna at Greentapestry has posted a piece today, which gives you a rare glimpse of the inside…


Last year, Liverpool was European Capital of Culture which led to many events around the city of an artistic or cultural nature. One of the most visible of these was a massive public art exhibition, where ‘sculptures’  called Superlambana were given a myriad of different makeovers and went on display throughout the city. Most of these have now been removed, but we did see several during our day there recently. Here’s one of the simpler makeovers, which I found in a shop window. This has been decorated with examples of the Scouse dialect, the native tongue of Liverpudlians!

Bath did something similar last year, but with pigs. I think this kind of thing is a lot of fun and in the case of the Bath pigs it also raised a lot of money for charity as the pigs were auctioned off at the end of their residence.