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Errr, Where Am I?

Where Am I

I took this photo because I’m unsure how many people are going to take their phone and either telephone the company concerned, or look up the QR code whilst they’re on the loo. On the other hand,  I DID fish out my camera to take this shot…

It wasn’t until later I spotted the code is one of those pictorial ones AND the misplaced apostrophe. This works on so many levels for Sign of the Times!

Bile Beans

A ‘Sign of the Times’ from yesteryear left on the side of a building in York. What I’d like to know is this: if Bile Beans are so good for you, why aren’t they available today?

Update: I’ve since found out this is an example of a Ghost Sign: a fascinating rabbit hole to fall into 😉

More about Bile Beans here – well worth a look!